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"Društvo za ohranjanje in promocijo železniške tehniške kulturne dediščine Baat" (Society For The Preservation And Promotion Of Railway Technical Cultural Heritage Baat) or shorter Klub Baat is a group of railway enthusiasts who share a care about the technical heritage. Since we are also experienced modelers, we are fulfilling our mission primarily through the collecting data (photographs, written materials...) which we are using as a base for producing accurate and credible models, especially railway models. In this way, we are maintaining or reviving particularly the part of engineering heritage that is not preserved in nature or under threat not to be preserved.

Members of the society are modeling mostly unique models to be exhibited at various events and on the website Some of the useful materials like articles and reports prepared by our members, are also published on this webpage.

While gathering the information we take a lot of photographs which are becoming a large collection, some of them are published on the website

Members are also active in other thematic related societies. We decided that our society will take a membership in societies and associations with goals that are related to our goals. So our society is a member of:

Since we have established that production of unique models for ourselves and for the presentation on the Internet and the exhibitions is not always enough, we decided to produce some models to offer to other enthusiasts. So some interesting models are produced in smaller series and offered for sale. We believe that this way we can contribute to the popularization of engineering heritage even more.

We present selected projects on the subpage Projects. We are inviting you to become a regular visitor of our site and we would like to encourage you to preserve and promote railway cultural heritageas as much as you can.



Društvo za ohranjanje in promocijo
železniške tehniške kulturne dediščine Baat